Results for: Institute of Materials Science and Engineering

Solid-state NMR Study of Amorphous Aluminum Oxy-Hydroxide Thin Films

Yvonne Afriyie, IMSE Doctoral Candidate
Compton 241

IMSE Seminar - Dr. Zheng

Dr. Haimei Zheng, Materials Science Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

IMSE Seminar - Professor Renner

Prof. Julie Renner (Hosted by: Prof. VIjay Ramani), Chemical Engineering, Case Western Reserve University
Brauer Hall, room 12

IMSE Seminar Series - Prof. Zustiak

Prof. Silviya Zustaik (Hosted by Lori Setton &Guy Genin), Biomedical Engineering, Saint Louis University

IMSE Seminar Series - Prof. Brown

Prof. Keith Brown (Hosted by Guy Genin), Mechanical Engineering, Boston University