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Radiation Therapy in a FLASH: a review of current literature on ultra-high dose rate radiation therapy

Dan Mulrow (Hosted by Dickhoff), Washington University, PhD Student in Nuclear Chemistry and Radiation Oncology
Compton 241

RCR Training for Grad Students

Professor Michael Ogilvie, Washington University in St. Louis
Crow 204

Phenomenology of Majorana and Pseudo-Dirac Neutrinos

Patrick Bolton (Hosted by Dev), University College London and Yale University
Compton 241 | Coffee: 2:45pm

Washington University Physics Research Symposium (WUPRS)

Compton 241 & 245

Physics Theory Seminar

Matthias Schindler (Hosted by Pastore, Piarulli & Dev), University of South Carolina
Compton 241 | Coffee: 2:45pm

Condensed Matter Seminar

Kevin Beach (Hosted by Seidel), University of Mississippi
Compton 241 | Coffee: 3:30pm

Astronomy on Tap

Alex Haber and Henric Krawczynski, Washington University Physics Department
Urban Chestnut Grove Brewery | 4465 Manchester Ave., St. Louis, MO 63110

Football Physics

Dr. Tim Gay (Hosted by Kelton), University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Crow 204 | Coffee: 3:30pm, Compton 245

Why Isn't God Ambidextrous?: Chirality in Nature and the Role it Plays in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology

Tim Gay (Hosted by Kelton/Ogilvie), University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Compton 241 | Coffee: 2:45pm