Washington University Physics Research Symposium

The Physics Research Symposium is a chance for all members of the Physics Department to come together, show off what they're working on, and learn about the research that others are doing. 

Each research group in the department is encouraged to participate so that there is a complete representation of everything that goes on within the Physics Department. Anyone is welcome to present a poster. For example, graduate students could present their thesis work, undergraduates could present their summer projects, and faculty might show off their research to their colleagues and appeal to interested students. 

While people from outside the department will not be able to present their research, they are encouraged to attend. All attendees will be able to learn more about what goes on within the department and hopefully make some useful connections.

The fifth WUPRS poster session will be held in Compton 241/245 on November 15, 2023. 

Thanks to the Graduate Center for supporting our event.

Abstract submissions are closed

Please keep abstracts under 300 words or ~ 1/3 of a page. Please present posters at a general level. Keep in mind that attendees will be a mix of faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates from within the Physics Department, as well as people from outside the department who are interested in learning about what we do. This could include first-year undergraduates who are potential physics majors or potential collaborators from other departments.

Event Details


The symposium will be held on Wednesday, November 15, 2023 from 3-6 PM


Your poster must consist of material that can be fastened with push pins. Recommended maximum poster dimensions are 36" x 36". We may not be able to accommodate larger posters.

You will be requested to submit a jpg or pdf prior to symposium. You will be contacted for further information.


Past Winners

  • Nicole Rodriguez Cavero (1st) and Aline Arra (2nd) for their graduate posters (2022)
  • Angelina Minocha (1st) and Sabrina DelBello (2nd) for their undergraduate posters (2022)