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Fall 2020

The Center for Quantum Sensors at Washington University in St. Louis brings together scientists working on the development and engineering of quantum technologies and materials and scientists using quantum technologies for cutting-edge research in physics and related disciplines. Members of the Center are currently involved in projects related to quantum information, quantum optics, quantum materials, quantum measurements, quantum sensors for astrophysics, and quantum sensors for fundamental physics. The center leverages the members’ experience with the fabrication of quantum sensors and the deployment of the sensors in extreme environments, e.g. on balloons, satellites, in remote geographical areas, and in underground laboratories.


Topology meets quantum mechanics

Sheng Ran, Washington University in St. Louis
October 3, 2020





Welcoming the second quantum revolution

Kater Murch, Washington University in St. Louis
October 10, 2020





From quantum mysteries to quantum technologies

Igor Pikovski, Stevens Institute of Technology & Stockholm University
October 17, 2020




Quantum math- the superposition principle, Bell's inequality, and uncertainties

Zohar Nussinov, Washington University in St. Louis
October 24, 2020



Maxwell’s Demon and the Second Law of Thermodynamics

Assa Auerbach, Sidney and Elizabeth Corob Chair in Sciences, Department of Physics, Technion, Israel
November 7, 2020



From quantum miracles to parallel worlds

Lev Vaidman, The Alex Maguy-Glass Chair in Physics of Complex Systems, Physics Department, Tel Aviv University
November 14, 2020




Explore the magic of light

Lan Yang, Edwin H. & Florence G. Skinner Professor, Electrical and Systems Engineering, Washington University
November 21, 2020