Physics of the Brain


Concepts and techniques of physics are applied to study the functioning of neurons and neuronal circuits in the brain. Neurons and neural systems are modeled at two levels: (i) at the physical level, in terms of the electrical and chemical signals that are generated and transmitted and (ii) at the information-processing level, in terms of the computational tasks performed. Specific topics include: neuronal electrophysiology, neural codes, neural plasticity, sensory processing, neural network architectures and learning algorithms, and neural networks as dynamical and statistical systems. Course grade is based primarily on an individualized term project. Prerequisite: Phys 191-192 or Phys 193-194 or Phys 197-198 or Phys 205-206, or permission of the instructor.
Course Attributes: FA NSM; EN TU; EN SU; BU SCI; AR NSM; AS NSM; EN BME T2

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Physics of the Brain
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Ralf Wessel

Ralf Wessel

Professor of Physics