A transformative agreement with IOP Publishing

Washington University Libraries recently signed a transformative agreement with IOP Publishing to offer open access publishing without cost as well as read access to the IOP Publishing journal portfolio.

Effective January 1, all WashU researchers will be able to publish in over 75 IOP Publishing journals for free, and IOP articles will be open access. This transformative agreement means researchers will not have to spend grant money on article publishing charges. Though the majority of IOP journals are physics, other areas in science and technology are covered as well.

Wider access for your work
Eligible research articles from corresponding authors at Washington University will be published open access in the majority of IOP Publishing journals, giving you greater visibility and impact for your work. Article publication charges are covered by the library.   

Read access to some of the world's best physical sciences research
You can search and download articles from IOP Publishing’s full portfolio spanning 140 years of physics and related sciences, helping you to advance your own research. 

Find out more about the transformative agreement and how to take advantage of it.

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