Sohee Chun wins NASA FINESST grant

Sohee Chun was recently awarded one of NASA’s prestigious FINESST grants to support her Ph.D. work.

The FINESST (Future Investigators in NASA Earth and Space Science Technology) award is specifically designed for graduate student research projects. Sohee Chun is the FI or Future Investigator for the project and will be doing the research in cooperation with her advisor Henric Krawczynski. The start date is September 1.

The proposal aims to investigate the use of a High Purity Germanium and a Bismuth Germanate active shield inside a cryostat and around a gamma ray detector to reduce background events from cosmic rays or secondary particles. The study will involve simulations of the performance of the shields to optimize the design and experimental studies to verify the model and the shielding performance. The results will contribute to the study of the 511 keV gamma ray emission from the Galactic center.