Simulation of the double-slit experiment with electron - Young interference with two slits

New leadership for physics department

Krawczynski and Pastore

On July 1, 2022, Henric Krawczynski and Saori Pastore will assume the roles of chair and associate chair, respectively, of the Department of Physics. Krawczynski takes over as chair from Mark Alford, who has led the department since 2012. In their new roles, Krawczynski and Pastore anticipate continuing to build the department's strengths in key areas of physics research as well as supporting ongoing improvements in the department's culture.

"Physics as a discipline is in a particularly exciting phase, with breakthrough discoveries in the thrust areas of the department – astrophysics, biophysics, and quantum materials and sensors – occurring at a rapid pace and having major intellectual and societal impacts," Krawczynski said. "Saori and I are looking forward to building on and nurturing the department’s strengths in these areas, and to making sure that the department will allow all students, faculty and staff to thrive."

Please join us in thanking Mark for his years of dedicated service and welcoming Henric and Saori as incoming chair and associate chair!