MCMS Undergraduate Research Symposium

Several Washington University in St. Louis physics undergraduate students will be presenting at the Midstates Consortium for Math and Science (MCMS) Virtual Undergrad Research Symposium in the Physical Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science held on November 6-7, 2020.

Energy spectrum for all 10 NuSTAR observations of 4U1957+11 (Erin Barillier)
Spectral Analysis with Background (Robert Walters)












The following students will be presenting their research during this weekend's symposium.

  • Erin Barillier (advisor Michael Nowak) - X-ray observations of 4U1957+11: potentially the fastest spinning Kerr black hole in the galactic halo - LIVE SESSION
  • Lauren Pusey-Nazarro (advisor Li Yang; co-author Yan Lyu) - Doping tunable topological phases of quantum nanomaterials - LIVE SESSION
  • Jackson Butler (advisor Erik Henriksen; co-authors: Jeff Ahlers, Jesse Balgley) - An Inexpensive Transfer Station for the Creation of van Der Waals Heterostructures
  • Robert Walters (advisor Michael Nowak) - X-ray Spectral Timing Analysis of Active Galactic Nuclei NGC-2992
  • Ted Flaherty (advisor Manel Errando) - Using Shack Hartmann Sensors to Isolate Mirror Deformations