Mahdi Naghiloo wins 2020 Biruni Award

The Iranian-American Physicist (IrAP) Network Group announced that Mahdi Naghiloo, PhD 2019, is the winner of the 2020 Biruni Award.

Mahdi finished his PhD in May 2019.  His thesis, titled "Experimental Quantum Measurement with Superconductor Qubits," was completed under the supervision of Kater Murch, Associate Professor of Physics, at Washington University in St. Louis. He is now a Postdoc at MIT. He received his B.S. at the University of Zanjan in 2008 in Solid State Physics and his Masters at Sharif University in 2011 in Quantum Physics.

This award is part of the IrAP long term plan for promoting and recognizing outstanding research by Iranian physics graduate students in the United States.