John Scandrett, 1933-2021

A masterpiece or 'audible junk'? The notes that John Scandrett, professor of physics, plays on the keyboard could go cither way, depending upon the genius of a computer programmer.

John Scandrett, emeritus professor of physics, passed away on February 21, 2021 at age 87. He started his career at Washington University in 1966. In addition to being a professor, he was a cellist who performed for many years in the St. Louis Philharmonic and later played in classical string quartets with friends.

According to a Washington University Record article from 1981, Scandrett taught a "Musical Computer" course which was a popular way to attract students from other disciplines (music, art, mathematics, engineering) to the physics department.

Scandrett also ran a consulting business, First is Fast, in which he used then-new microcomputers to control industrial processes.  He invited other department members to work with him from time to time.