Illustration of a blazar jet which clominates the emission from gamma-ray blazars.

The hidden magnetic universe begins to come into view

Researchers are discovering that magnetic fields permeate much of the cosmos. If these fields date back to the Big Bang, they could solve a cosmological mystery.

In a recent article in Quanta, research done in 2015 by Professors Buckley and Ferrer is referenced.

"A non-signal is hardly a smoking gun, and alternative explanations for the missing gamma rays have been suggested. However, follow-up observations have increasingly pointed to Neronov and Vovk’s hypothesis that voids are magnetized. “It’s the majority view,” Durrer said. Most convincingly, in 2015, one team overlaid many measurements of blazars behind voids and managed to tease out a faint halo of low-energy gamma rays around the blazars. The effect is exactly what would be expected if the particles were being scattered by faint magnetic fields — measuring only about a millionth of a trillionth as strong as a fridge magnet’s."

Quanta article