DOE Grant Approved

The experimental nuclear reactions and structure group, an effort that bridges chemistry and physics here at WashU and for whom the PI's are Professors Robert Charity and Lee Sobotka, recently received word that they have been approved for another 3-year grant cycle.

This DOE, Office of Science grant allows this group to continue their work on: the continuum structure of and reactions between nuclei with unusual neutron-to-proton ratios, mechanisms for generating extreme nuclear-spin alignment, and to continue work with Professor Willem Dickhoff and his group on nuclear models that provide insight into nucleon correlations in the nuclear medium. In the last grant cycle the experimental group reported the discovery of two new nuclides (11O and 17Na). Just around the corner they will report the discovery of another very proton-rich nuclide 18Mg.  The new grant covers calendar years 2020-2022 and is for $1,365,000.

From Left to right: Willem Dickhoff, Lee Sobotka, Robert Charity, Jon Elson and George Engel. Engel (a professor at SIUE) and Elson are engineers who design and implement, respectively, ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) that make Lee’s and Bob’s fantasized experiments possible.