machine shop equipment

Machine Shops

Main Shop

The machine shop is a technical support facility whose primary function is to provide technical assistance to the students, faculty, researchers, and administration.

The shop's duties include manufacturing, updating, and maintaining scientific teaching apparatus for the undergraduate and advanced labs. It is also responsible for contributing to design and construction of state-of-the-art research projects and related equipment for the experimental groups within the department.


The machine shop has a wide assortment of conventional machine tools as well as welding, sheet metal, and woodworking equipment. Its versatile complement of tools and technician skills make it capable of fulfilling almost any manufacturing demands placed upon it by researchers and engineers. Our shop service is available to non-profit organizations at a current rate of $40 per hour. Availability based on shop load. W.U. Physics projects must be given priority.


  • Branson Ultrasonic Cleaner (2)
  • Graymills Handikleen Parts Washer (1)
  • Ultra-Vibe Vibratory Cleaner (1)
  • Zero Blast-n-Peen Glass Beadblaster (1)
  • Drill Press
  • Buffalo Bench Drill Press (1)
  • Hamilton Micro Drill Press (1)
  • Johansson Radial Drill (1)


  • Arbor Presses (2)
  • DiAcro Tubing Bender (1)
  • Norton Shaper (1)


  • DeWalt Tablesaw (1)
  • Do-All Bandsaw (1)
  • DoAll Manual Surface Grinder (1)
  • Grand Rapids Hydraulic Surface Grinder (1)
  • Pedestal Grinder (1)
  • Powermatic Belt Sander (2)
  • Wells Cut-off Saw (1)



  • Cincinnati Lathes (ranging in swing from 12" to 73") (4)
  • Hardinge High Precision Lathe (1)
  • South Bend Collet Lathe (1)


  • Bridgeport EZ TRAK II (1)
  • Bridgeport Mill - series 1 (1)
  • Bridgeport Mill - series 2 (1)
  • Brown&Sharpe Rangemaster (1)

Power Hand Tools

  • Too numerous to mention

Sheet Metal

  • Chicago Brake (1)
  • DiAcro Brake (1)
  • DiAcro Punch (1)
  • DiAcro Roller (1)
  • DiAcro Shear (2)
  • Pexto Shear (1)
  • Pexto Roll (2)


  • Cooley Furnace (1)
  • Lincoln Fume Extractor (1)
  • Lincoln Square Wave TIG 355 (1)


Student Shop

The student shop is located in room 103 of Crow Hall. It serves as a facility for making and modifying research projects and classroom demonstration devices and gives students, staff and faculty the ability to make or modify hardware when the main shop is unavailable. Students gain experience in creating and modifying projects in the student shop resulting in more efficient project design concepts and gives a general understanding of the process of hardware and instrument development.

To Enroll:

Use of the student shop is limited to those who have completed a training course, or who arrive with sufficient prior training. This training is offered as a course in Mechanical Engineering, MEMS 1001. For those with prior machine shop experience, please contact Todd Hardt to gain access to the shop facilities. 




  • 13" South Bend Lathe #8113-B
  • South Bend Precision Lathe # CL644Z
  • Wells Metal Cutting Bandsaw #8M
  • Niagara Sheet Metal Cutter #36
  • Cincinnati Electric Grinder #105
  • Delta Grinder #DD23-405
  • DoAll Contour Machine #16-V
  • Rockwell Benchtop Drill Press 15-665
  • Delta Milwaukee Belt Sander
  • Bridgeport Mill
  • Cintimill #205
  • Buffalo Floor Model Drill Press
  • Geenard #3 Arbor Press
  • Buffer/Wire Wheel
  • Craftsman 15 Drill Press
  • Oxygen/Natural Gas Torch Set
  • Abrasive Wheel Cutoff Saw