Graduate Student Awards

In 1989, the Physics Department established a fund for a Franklin B. Shull Prize to be awarded annually to the graduate Assistant(s) in Instruction who best demonstrate excellence in teaching. The winner is chosen based on the recommendation of the faculty.

Franklin B. Shull (1918-1996) joined Washington University's Department of Physics in 1948. His area of research was low-energy nuclear physics, with an emphasis on nuclear reaction studies using the University's Cyclotron. A fellow of the American Physical Society, Shull was director of the Cyclotron Laboratory for many years during the 1960s. He also was chair of the University's Premedical Advisory Committee and served for a term as acting chair of the physics department. In addition to his many administrative positions within the department, Frank Shull was the senior faculty instructor in introductory courses for many years, and the prize takes note of both his interest and the importance that the Department attaches to the quality of teaching by Assistants in Instruction.

Recent Winners of the Shull Prize

Jason Bub (2023)

Ruotian (Reginald) Gong (2023)

Zeyuan Ye (2023)

JR Cruise (2022)

Shilling Du (2022)

Nicolas Dronchi (2021)

Garrett King (2021)

Jonah Hoffman (2020)

Linghan Zhu (2019)

Siera Stoen (2019)

Garv Chauhan (2019)

Augusto Medeiros da Rosa (2018)

Nima Hassanpour Ghady (2017)

Daniel Van Hoesen (2017)

Jufri Setianegara (2017)

Kelsey Meinerz (2016)

Robert Ashcraft (2015)

Wenlei Chen (2014)

Jeffrey Pobst (2013)