Hugh Churchill

Physics Colloquium with Hugh Churchill on Making New Qubits

Hugh Churchill (Hosted by Murch) from University of Arkansas will be presenting the colloquium "Making New Qubits Using Old and New Materials"

In this talk I will describe a few collaborative efforts between my lab and others to create novel qubits that are fabricated using both old materials and a newer one.  First, I will describe the context of this work against the background of the global effort to create larger and more powerful quantum processors, and then I will discuss two categories of new kinds of qubits that we are developing.  The first one uses materials that have been available for decades (InAs and Ge) to create voltage-controlled superconducting qubits. The second one uses a more recently discovered material (atomically thin WSe2) to create qubits for which the two states used for computation are the so-called valley pseudospin degree of freedom that is available to electrons in certain monolayer crystals.  I will conclude with a brief description of the MonArk Quantum Foundry, a broadly collaborative effort across the US Heartland that aims to accelerate research progress in 2D quantum materials and devices.