First Flight of the Micro-X Sounding Rocket

David Goldfinger (Hosted by Krawczynski), Department of Physics and Astronomy Northwestern University

Micro-X is a sounding rocket borne instrument that uses cryogenic microcalorimeters to perform imaging spectroscopy in the soft X-ray band.  The first flight of the instrument took place during the summer of 2018, in which Transition Edge Sensors were operated in space for the first time.  These detectors provide high spectral resolution in a non-dispersive instrument which increases our sensitivity to a range of science targets from supernova remnants to searches for dark matter signals in the X-ray background. While a failure of the attitude control system prevented the instrument from observing its scientific target during the first flight, the onboard calibration source allowed for verifying the in-flight operation of the instrument.  I will present the in-flight performance of these detectors and the instrument as a whole, along with the plans for future flights.