Condensed Matter/Materials & Biological Physics Seminar with Zheshen Zhang on Entanglement-Enhanced Sensing and Data Processing

Zheshen Zhang (Hosted by Chuanwei Zhang) from University of Michigan will be presenting "Entanglement-Enhanced Sensing and Data Processing"
The 20th century has witnessed the rise of quantum mechanics and its fueled scientific and technological revolution. The humankind is now on the verge of a second quantum revolution sparked by
quantum information science and engineering (QISE). Entanglement as a quintessential quantum resource lies at the heart of QISE, giving rise to a plethora of quantum-enabled or enhanced capabilities that shift the landscape
of communication, sensing, and computing. In this talk, I will present our recent experimental advances in entanglement-enhanced sensing and data processing. I will first describe entangled sensor networks for precise
radiofrequency and optomechanical sensing beyond the standard quantum limit.

Building on entangled sensors, I will introduce quantum-enhanced machine learning for data classification at a physical layer. Next, I will discuss a major endeavor to foster the transition from basic quantum research to
near-term, widely impactful real-world quantum technologies: the construction of a quantum-network testbed as a distributed infrastructure to advance convergent QISE research and education.