Physics Department Central Office Staff

Sarah Akin Graduate, Undergraduate, and Chairs Secretary Compton 352 B 935-6250
jordan Ms Akin administers all undergraduate student and graduate academic procedures, arranges for classrooms and class schedules and assists the chair.

Shirley McTigue Grants and Funds Administrator Compton 242 935-6218
mctigue Ms McTigue supervises grants, budgeting and the accounting assistants, prepares and submits grants proposals, monitors federal as well as unrestricted funds, and makes corrections to the ledgers.

Tammy White Devine Personnel and Payroll Coordinator Compton 242 935-6259
white-devine Ms White Devine does payroll/personnel, visas, appointments, and preparation of grants.

Debra Barco Contracts & Grant Coordinator Compton 242 935-6491
barco Ms Barco prepares both contracts and grants for submission to outside agencies.

Linda Trower Accounting Assistant Compton 242 935-8155
linda Ms Trower handles blanket orders, interdepartmental orders, travel advances and reports, billing, check requests, and purchase orders.