Gamify grading

James Johnson and Jared Lalmansingh, Department of Physics, Washington University
March 30, 2018 at 4:00 pm
204 Crow
Event Description 

James and Jared will introduce an alpha version of a project which aims to improve the grading experience for both students and graders by making it more efficient and fun. This project implements a device-independent and highly portable system that streamlines the grading process into a web application that: digitizes and simplifies monotonous tasks such as repeating comments for common mistakes; automates parts of the grading process; provides statistics about the assignments; and, automatically compiles personalized emails. For example, the grader can quickly flip through anonymized responses while having access to the answer key and question prompts. Comments are remembered for reuse within an assignment, or even throughout a course. When finished, the grader can compose messages to address the most common or important mistakes and the system will automatically generate personalized emails to send each student along with the graded homework. Additionally, the grader has access to statistics about the performance of students and their own grading habits to ensure consistency and enable continuous self-improvement. A demo of this system will be shown.