Quin Abarr

Quincy (Quin) Abarr

Postdoctoral Research Associate
PhD, Washington University in St. Louis
research interests:
  • Experimental Astrophysics
  • Neutrinos
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contact info:

mailing address:

  • Washington University
  • MSC 1105-109-02
  • One Brookings Drive
  • St. Louis, MO 63130-4899
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Dr. Abarr's research focuses on the detection of ultrahigh-energy neutrinos, which can improve our understanding of distant cosmic ray sources as well as extreme astrophysical events like neutron star mergers and gamma-ray bursts.

To achieve this, he is part of the team for the experiment PUEO (the Payload for Ultrahigh Energy Observations), where he primarily works on simulations of the instrument and the neutrino signals it will detect.