Lionel Vacher

Lionel Vacher

Postdoctoral Research Associate
PhD, University of Lorraine
research interests:
  • Primitive meteorites
  • Origin of water in the Solar System
  • Aqueous alteration on asteroids
  • Oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and sulfur isotopes
  • Hydrothermal experiments
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contact info:

mailing address:

  • Washington University
  • CB 1105
  • One Brookings Drive
  • St. Louis, MO 63130-4899
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Lionel Vacher's scientific research seeks to decipher the isotopic composition of the water reservoir in the early Solar System from the study of secondary alteration minerals in primitive meteorites and to estimate the timing of early aqueous activity of asteroids from isotopic dating on extraterrestrial carbonates.

Professional History

2019 - Postdoctoral Researcher, Washington University in St. Louis
2015 to 2018 - PhD, Centre de Recherches Petrographiques et Geochimiques (CRPG), Lorraine University, France


2017 Wiley Award
2019 Hauy-Lacroix Award 
2019 OTELo Award