Congratulations to Prof. Willem Dickhoff who has received a grant from NSF for a project titled "Green’s Functions and the Nuclear Many-body Problem".

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2016 Newsletter

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New faculty, Gravitational waves, Galactic cosmic rays and more

Prof. Krawczynski’s team is preparing for the launch of the balloon borne X-Calibur experiment to study black holes and neutron stars. Follow the team via a blog with daily updates...

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Washington University Professors Krawczynski and Kislat are leading a campaign to launch the 8-m focal length X-ray telescope X-Calibur on a stratospheric balloon flight

Congratulations to Prof. Kater Murch on being awarded a NSF grant to investigate Measurement and Control in Open Quantum Systems ...

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This manner of detection turns everything upside down, he said. All that a photon detector can tell you about spontaneous emission is whether an atom is in its excited state or its ground state. But the interferometer catches the atom diffusing through a quantum “state space” made up of all the possible combinations, or superpositions, of its two energy states.

Congratulations to Drew Osterhout and the St. Louis Singers Who Won an International A Cappella Competition ...

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This year the Ambassadors sang a ballad from the Sound of Music, Something Good, and an uptune medley, Top of the World, combining Sitting on Top of the World and the Carpenter's Top of the World. The uptune has already been shared on YouTube:

Madison Cannon, a 2014 graduate with degrees in physics and math leads a lesson in physics for Girls Inc. Eureka! participants ...

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“I wasn’t supposed to like math because I was a black girl, but I would dream square roots,” said Jordan, a student in the Brown School working toward dual masters degrees in social work and education. “It could feel isolating, but math was what I loved.”

2015 Newsletter

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Alumnus wins Nobel Prize and more!

2014 Newsletter

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New professors, Super-TIGER, Meteorites and more

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