Demon in the Details of Quantum Thermodynamics

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Kater Murch, Associate Professor of Physics, and colleagues find quantum ‘Maxwell’s Demon’ may give up information to extract work

Article on Testing Einstein's Predictions

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Professor Krawczynski's article on testing Einstein's predictions for rotating black holes is an Editor's Choice for the August 2018 issue of General Relativity and Gravitation

X-Calibur Telescope Preparing for a Stratospheric Balloon Flight

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Professor Henric Krawczynski's group and an international team of scientists and engineers are preparing the X-Calibur telescope for a stratospheric balloon flight launched from McMurdo (Antarctic) in December 2018.

2018 Newsletter

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New faculty, Renovations, and more!

Three questions with recent Nobel laureate W. E. Moerner

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In 1989, alumnus W. E. ­Moerner, AB ’75, BS ’75, BS ’75, became the first scientist in the world to measure the light absorption of a single molecule, a task long thought to be impossible. Twenty-five years later in October 2014, Moerner won the Nobel Prize for chemistry for his breakthrough.

Washington People: Martin Israel

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Professor Martin Israel received the Dean’s Medal this spring. He discusses his background and career in this video profile from Arts & Sciences.

Alex Meshik Received a NASA Award

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Alex Meshik, research professor in physics in Arts & Sciences, received a $1.1 million award from NASA in support of a project titled “Analyses and interpretations of noble gases delivered by Genesis and Stardust missions – Phase 2.”

Flavor of the Moment

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New particle accelerators will probe how charged particles assume a new identity, or change ‘flavor,’ theorists say

Ryan Ogliore received a NASA grant

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Ryan Ogliore, assistant professor of physics in Arts & Sciences, received a $147,000 grant from NASA in support of a project titled “Investigating nearby supernovae through analyses of ancient and contemporary stardust.”

Yicong Sui has received a PITT PACC travel award

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Graduate student Yicong Sui has received a PITT PACC travel award to attend the Pheno2018 conference in Pittsburgh

Professor James Miller discusses constructing a class from curiosity to course listings ...

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On the fifth Monday of each semester, a new source of productive procrastination becomes available: Course Listings go up on WebStac.

Physics librarian Alison Verbeck receives the Graduate Student Senate’s Outstanding Staff Award for 2017-18...

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Physics librarian Alison Verbeck will be a recipient of the Graduate Student Senate’s Outstanding Staff Award for 2017-18

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