Saturday Science Lecture with Gerardo Ortiz on Quantum Computing for Beginners

Gerardo Ortiz from Indiana University - Bloomington will be presenting the Saturday Science Lecture "Quantum Computing for Beginners"

There is a deep connection between physics and computation because any computation can be represented as a physical process. In 1981, the famous physicist Richard Feynman raised provocative questions about the simulation of physical phenomena using a special device known today as a “quantum computer.” Such a device was intended to mimic physical processes exactly as they occur in nature, and thus shared those “spooky” features of quantum physics that Einstein had talked about. Four decades after these remarks from such an influential figure, we know quantum computers offer the possibility of performing certain tasks exponentially faster than current digital computers. The quantum computing revolution is upon us with the potential to change industries, and our society at large, by solving problems that seem intractable today. It is time to learn how to program such devices. 

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