Physics Colloquium with Chuanwei Zhang on Quantum Technologies with Atom-Light Interaction

Chuanwei Zhang (Hosted by Murch) from University of Texas at Dallas will be presenting the colloquium "Quantum Technologies with Atom-Light Interaction"

From knotted cords to contemporary computers, the revolution of information technologies has been a major driving force for human civilization. Since its birth in early 1900’s, quantum mechanics has played a fundamental role in the innovation of many crucial technologies (e.g., lasers, transistors), which are considered as major achievements of the “first quantum revolution”. In the past two decades, the technological quest has focused on the “second quantum revolution”, with the goal of developing novel quantum technologies that utilize the creation, manipulation, and measurement of quantum superposition and entanglement in quantum matters. In this talk, I will first give a review of this rapidly developing field. I will showcase the great power of quantum technologies with two examples utilizing ultracold atoms and trapped ions manipulated by lights: i) quantum simulation of topological quantum matter such as triply-degenerate monopoles; ii) quantum squeezing and sensing with exceptional points in nonlinear medium. Despite of the technological challenges, quantum technologies could potentially advance our society by revolutionizing computing, communication, security, materials, and sensors in the near future.