Biophysics Minor Requirements

The Physics Department offers a minor for students interested in the methods and techniques of physics as applied to topics in the area of biology and medicine. The program is of interest to the research oriented science major or the pre-medicine student.

Physics requirements

Specific requirements for the Minor in Biomedical Physics include successful completion of:

General Physics I Physics 117 (4 units)
General Physics II Physics 118 (4 units)


Physics I Physics 197 (4 units)
Physics II Physics 198 (4 units)

Two courses from the following five are required:

  • Physics of the Heart Physics 314
  • Physics of the Brain Physics 350/450
  • Physics of Vision Physics 355/455

In addition, one advanced laboratory course is required. At present any of the following four courses can be chosen:

  • Optics & Wave Physics Lab Physics 316 (Spring)
  • Electronics Lab Physics 321 (Fall)
  • Biophysics Lab Physics 360 (Fall)
  • Physical Measurements Lab Physics 322 (Spring)

The last requirement is intended to give students hands-on experience.

Mathematics requirement

Co-requisite for taking General Physics I (Phys 117) is enrollment in or placement out of Calculus I (Math 131). Calculus II (Math 132) is a co- requisite for Physics I (Phys 197). Calculus II is also necessary to provide adequate preparation for Phys 217/318 (Quantum Physics I, II). Note that for some advanced courses Calculus III (Math 233) and Differential Equations (Math 217) are pre-requisites.