Student Shop

The Physics Department Student Shop is located in room 103 of Crow Hall and is limited for use to Physics Department personnel who have completed the required Student Shop course. Upon completion of the Arthur Holly Compton Laboratory of Physics building in 1963 the old shop area was designated by department administration for general use by students, faculty, and staff. Over the years the Student Shop has served a dual role as both a facility for making and modifying research projects and classroom demonstration devices by professional machinists as well as a facility which affords students, staff and faculty the ability to make or modify their experiment hardware in the event the Main Shop is closed and technical support is not available.

In addition, the experience gained first hand by students in making and modifying projects in the Student Shop gives them a greater understanding of the methods employed by the department machinists resulting in more efficient project design concepts as well as serving as the basis for a more general understanding of the process of hardware and instrument development and the necessary interaction with technical staff.

To Enroll:

The Student Shop course is offered annually (usually during the summer months) and is available to all Physics Department students, faculty, and technical staff. The course schedule is determined by the number of applicants, who are personally notified by the instructor of the specific course times and dates. Physics Department personnel interested in participating in this program should contact Todd Hardt. The course covers the basic and safe use of machine shop equipment and generally consists of five morning sessions (8-11AM) or five afternoon sessions (12-3PM) with two students per course. Two projects are made by the student with emphasis on the use of the lathe and milling machines. This is a non-accredited course.


  • 13" South Bend Lathe #8113-B
  • South Bend Precision Lathe # CL644Z
  • Wells Metal Cutting Bandsaw #8M
  • Niagara Sheet Metal Cutter #36
  • Cincinnati Electric Grinder #105
  • Delta Grinder #DD23-405
  • DoAll Contour Machine #16-V
  • Rockwell Benchtop Drill Press 15-665
  • Delta Milwaukee Belt Sander
  • Bridgeport Mill
  • Cintimill #205
  • Buffalo Floor Model Drill Press
  • Geenard #3 Arbor Press
  • Buffer/Wire Wheel
  • Craftsman 15 Drill Press
  • Oxygen/Natural Gas Torch Set
  • Abrasive Wheel Cutoff Saw