Sai Iyer Supervisor of Scientific Computing
Compton 352A 935-8218
 iyer Sai is responsible for installing and maintaining system software on department computers.

Rich Schmaeng Systems Manager Compton 140 935-6294
schmaeng Rich's duties include installing and maintaining department computer hardware and network communications to workstations and office PCs as well as maintaining the backup systems.

Scott Handley Web Administrator Compton 167 935-6261
handley Scott develops and maintains the department web site, intranet and databases.

High-Performance Computing Center

The High-Performance Computing (HPC) Center consists of an array of multi-processor computers (clusters). The HPC Center is open to everyone in the Physics Department. The purpose of the HPC Center is to provide high-availability and high-performance computing resources for physics research. Use of the clusters is free. The HPC Center operates under the authority of the Physics Department Computer Committee. If interested in an account or if you have a question, contact Sai Iyer or Rich Schmaeng.