2015 IMSE Facilities Materials Research Showcase
(April 13-17, 2015)

Registrant Information



*Company Name:

*Postal Mailing Address: (street city state zip)

*Phone (10 digit):     *E-Mail:

How did you hear about the IMSE 2015 Showcase?

I would be interested in attending workshops on the following instruments/areas:
    Scanning Electron Microscopes
    Transmission Electron Microscopes
    XPS Microprobe
    Cleanroom Technologies
    Raman Spectrometer
    Secondary-ion Mass Spectrometer

I would like to characterize my own samples/specimens on the following pieces of equipment at a 50% discount off the applicable rate with the assistance of a Microscopist at no additional charge:
    JEOL JEM-2100F Field Emission STEM with Gatan Imaging Filter (GIF)
    JEOL 2000 LaB6 TEM with EDS and EELS capabilities and a heating/cooling stage
    JEOL JSM-7001FLV Field Emission SEM with EDS and EBSD capabilities
    PHI VersaProbe II Scanning XPS Microprobe

Would you like to participate in the following meals?

Tuesday, April 14 - Lunch at Whittemore House $25/person:    
Tuesday, April 14 - Dinner at Kemoll’s Restaurant $100/person:   (if you are from out of town this includes transportation)
Wednesday, April 15 - Box Lunch $15/person:         How Many? Non-vegetarian
(please choose meal entrees)
Do you have any dietary request?
Checks for meals should be made out to Washington University and sent by April 6, 2015 to:
Beth Gartin
Washington University
Campus Box 1168
One Brookings Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63130