Recent PhDs

2005 - 2018 Graduates
Name Year Advisor Position
Song, Jing 2018 Schilling Postdoc in Physics department at Harvard University.

Fei, Ruixiang 2017 Yang Post doc at the University of Pennsylvania, Dept. Of Chemistry working in Andrew Rappe's Research Group.
Harmon, Tyler 2017 Pappu Postdoc at the MPI-PKS and MPI-CBG, both in Dresden.
Higano, Nara S. 2017 Conradi Research fellow at Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Hosseini, Seyedhadi 2017 Carlsson/Taber Postdoc at Stanford University working with Dr. James Dunn
Lewis, Josiah 2017 Bernatowicz Postdoc Washington University
Pangeni, Kamal 2017 Ogilvie Data Scientist - Machine Learning at Mercy Hospital
Reisman, Matthew 2017 Miller/Culver Senior Signal/Imaging Processing Engineerat Lockheed Martin in Littleton, CO.
Sun, Bo 2017 Nussinov Senior Engineer ASML Company.
Tan, Dian 2017 Murch Postdoc- Washington University Kater Murch's Lab
Wang, Yuhe 2017 Conradi/Li Senior Engineer, Qualcomm Headquarters in San Diego.
Weingartner, Nicholas B. 2017 Nussinov Modeling Analyst at GEICO

Abercrombie, Michael 2016 Cowsik Systems Engineer for Boeing in Kihei, HI.
Amini, Rashied 2016 Krawczynski NASA Jet Propulsion Lab: Systems Engineer
Archer, Avery 2016 Buckley Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Purdue University
Chen, Li 2016 Seidel Postdoc in National High Magnetic Field Laboratory.
Chen, Wenlei 2016 Buckley Postdoc Washington University Physics
Ding, Dong 2016 Dickhoff
Guo, Jinbang 2016 Conradi/Woods Postdoc Cincinnati Children's Hospital Center for Pulmonary Imaging Research
Hoormann, Janie K. 2016 Krawczynski Postdoc at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia.
Hoseini Faradonbeh, Sayed Mahmood 2016 Wessel Postdoc in Michael Stryker's lab, Physiology Department of UCSF, San Fransisco, CA
Karimipanah, Yahya 2016 Wessel postdoctoral fellow at National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in National Institute of Health (NIH)
Mallavarapu, Satyanarayana Kumar 2016 Alford
Pueblo, Christopher 2016 Kelton Postdoc - Washington University Physics
Thomen, Robert 2016 Conradi/Woods postdoc at Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Tran, Vy 2016 Yang
Wang, XinXin 2016 Carlsson Postdoc researcher UT Southwestern Medical Center
Weerasinghe, Amila 2016 Seidel Postdoctoral Research Scholar in McDonnell Genome institute, Washington University in St. Louis
Wright, Nathan (Caleb) 2016 Wessel Post-doc in Garrett Stanley's lab, Georgia Institute of Technology, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Blodgett, Matthew 2015 Kelton Research Scientist at Corning Glass
Crockett, Thomas 2015 Wessel Science Policy Fellow at Research America
Han, Jun 2015 Alford Postdoctoral position in Physics at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Hassanpour, Mahlega 2015 Culver Postdoctoral Research Scholar in Laureate Institute for Brain Research in Tulsa
Johnson, Mark 2015 Kelton Senior Professional Staff Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory
Kessler, Jonathan 2015 Wang Washington University Department of Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science Postdoc
Komijani, Javad 2015 Bender/Bernard Postdoctoral position at the Technische Universität München (TUM) Germany
Kovacs, Anthony 2015 Wang Data Scientist with Monsanto
Lim, Jinhyuk 2015 Schilling Postdoctoral Research Associate, Washington State University
Mahzoon, Hossein 2015 Dickhoff Postdoctoral Fellow at NSCL
Murphy, Ryan 2015 Israel Postdoc Washington University Department of Physics
Pobst, Jeffrey 2015 Wessel Actuary Analyst, Towers Watson, St. Louis MO.
Soklaski, Ryan 2015 Yang Technical staff member at MIT Lincoln Laboratory
Wang, Ruizhe 2015 Carlsson Advanced Analytics, Cricket Wireless, Atlanta, GA

Fabbris, Gilberto 2014 Schilling Research Associate-Materials Science, at the Condensed Matter Physics & Materials Science Department of the Brookhaven National Laboratory
Groopman, Amber 2014 Miller Washington University, (Post-doc) Dr. Miller's group
Groopman, Evan 2014 Bernatowicz Senior Staff Scientist for Secondary Ion Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Secondary Ion Accelerator Mass Spectrometry National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow U.S. Naval Research Laboratory August 2015 – January 2017 (1 year 6 months)Washington, DC
Guo, Qingzhen 2014 Krawczynski Halliburton, Houston, (Scientist-Physics, Sr)
Hunter, Daniel 2014 Ferrer Software Developer at ARINC Direct
Liang, Yufeng 2014 Yang Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, (Post-doc)
Manolidis, Dimitrios 2014 Will Army in Greece
Mossahebi, Sina 2014 Kovacs Medical Physics Certificate Program at University of Chicago
Snyder, Jason B. 2014 Sarantites U.S. Navy (Nuclear Power Training Unit), Naval Officer
Vogt, Adam J. 2014 Kelton Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Post-doc Research Associate, Instrument & Source Div.
Werner, Fletcher 2014 Solin Cutting Edge Optronics (Semiconductor Equipment Engineer)
Yin, Xiaoxin 2014 Conturo/Wessel Philips Healthcare, Software Development Engineer

Bendert, James C. 2013 Kelton Intel Corporation (Process Engineer)
Burch, Benjamin 2013 Cowsik Midwest Employers Casualty Company (Predictive Information Analyst) April 2016 Data Scientist at Midwest Employers Casualty Company (a W. R. Berkley Company)
Dasanayake, Nilushi 2013 Carlsson Visiting Scholar US Santa Barbara
Hillier, Narelle J. 2013 Schilling Truman State University (Temporary Assistant Professor)
Huang, Shouting 2013 Yang CGG (Seismic Imaging Engineer)
Lin, Tsen-Hsuan 2013 Conradi/Song National Laboratory Academica Sinica – (Postdoc)
Markle, Christopher D. 2013 Cowsik Boundless Box LLC (Research Scientist)
Mirshekari, Saeed 2013 Will ICTP-SAIFR – Sao Paulo, Brazil – (Post-doctoral Fellow)
Sadeghian, Laleh 2013 Will/Ferrer University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee – (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Tran, Lauren Christine 2013 Solin Washington University School of Medicine – (Post Doctoral Research Associate in Radiation Oncology)
Wildeboer, Julia Saskia 2013 Seidel National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida State University (Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Zhou, Zhenyu 2013 Seidel George Mason University (postdoctoral Researcher – join with University of Pittsburgh (visiting scholar)

Chakrabarty, Saurish 2012 Nussinov Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India (Post-doc)
Desantis, Michael 2012 Wang Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Michigan College of Pharmacy
Flavin, John 2012 Seidel SADAR 3D (Research and Applications Scientists)
Hajari, Adam James 2012 Woods Data Scientist at Next Big Sound
Hu, Dandan 2012 Nussinov Halliburton (Sr. Petro Appl Engineer)
Hu, Lingzhi 2012 Wickline Phillips (Research Scientist)
Johnson, Benjamin L. 2012 Miller Actuarial Analyst at Towers Watson, Clayton, MO
Johnson, Patrick G. 2012 Nussinov William Jewel College, Liberty, MO
Lai, Dihui 2012 Wessel University of Maryland (Post-doc)
Lave, Kelly A. 2012 Israel Lecturer Maryville College
Mahmoodifar, Simin 2012 Alford University of Maryland, Department of Physics (Post-doc)
Martin, Jerrad 2012 Krawczynski SADAR 3D (Research and Applications Scientists)
McArthur, Steven 2012 Buckley University of Chicago, (Post-doc)
Morton, David 2012 Wessel The Genome Institute, Washington University Medical School (Programmer/Analyst)
Nishimura, Hiromichi 2012 Ogilvie Bielefeld University, Bielefeld, Germany (Post-doc)
Thibadeau, Sarah E. 2012 Krawczynski Perdue University- Studied Physics Education
Wang, Wei 2012 Woods Havard Medical School (Post-doc)
Wang, Xiaoqi 2012 Conradi Phillips, (MR Clinical Applications Development Scientist)

Bi, Wenli 2011 Schilling Argonne National Laboratory (Post-doc)
Bose, Maitrayee 2011 Bernatowicz/Floss Arizona State University (Post-doc)
Caudill, Matthew S. 2011 Wessel University of California, San Diego (Post-doc)
Jin, Ke-Jian 2011 Suen
Mauro, Nicholas 2011 Kelton Washington University (Post-doc with Kelton)
Morris, Jonathan 2011 Dickhoff St. Louis community College at Forest Park (Assistant Professor)
Shane, David 2011 Conradi Lansing Community College (Adjunct Faculty member)
Shane, Rebecca 2011 Sabotka National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (Visiting Research Associate)
Waldecker, Seth 2011 Dickhoff University of Tennessee, Chattanooga (Physics Lecturer)
Zareh, Shannon Kian 2011 Wang Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA (Technical Staff)

Anderson, Christian 2010 Miller Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA (Technical Staff)
Du, Xining 2010 Bernard LPSC France (Laboratoire de Physique Subatomique et de Cosmologie) (Post-doc)
Good, Gerald J. 2010 Alford Boeing Aircraft (Electrophysics Engineer/Scientist 4)
Hoffman, Joseph J. 2010 Miller Volcano Corporation (Senior Signal and Image Processing Engineer)
Hynes, Kathryn Mairin 2010 Bernatowicz Washington University (Lecturer)
Ivancic, Timothy M. 2010 Conradi Sensient Colors, Inc. St. Louis, MO (Quality Analyst)
Krishna, Hare 2010 Kalyanaraman/Kelton Intel Corporation, Portland Oregon (Process Engineer)
Lloyd, Christopher 2010 Miller Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA (Technical Staff)
Milne, Michelle 2010 Conradi Assistant Professor of Physics at St. Mary's College of Maryland
Mitchell, Timothy 2010 Clark Washington University Neonatal Development Research Laboratory (Post-doc)
Ronhovde, Peter 2010 Nussinov Webster University, Webster Groves, MO (Adjunct Instructor)
Saha, Debajit 2010 Wessel Biomedical Engineering, Washington University, (Post-doc)
Shmuylovich, Leonid 2010 Kovacs Washington University Medical School
Wagoner, Kasey 2010 Cowsik Washington University, (Post-doc with McDonnell Center)
White, Brian 2010 Culver Pediatrics Resident Physician at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Wu, Jian 2010 Solin ASML/Brion Technologies,Inc (Senior Engineer)
Zhao, Tianyu 2010 Low/Conradi University of Florida Proton Therapy Instutute (Medical Physics Resident)

Bauer, Adam 2009 Miller Optical Radiology Lab , Washington University School of Medicine (Post-Doc)
Debessai, Mathiewos T. 2009 Schilling Institute for Shock Physics, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington (Post-Doc)
Eggebrecht, Adam 2009 Wessel Optical Radiology Lab , Washington University School of Medicine (Post-Doc)
Gibson, Allyson 2009 Miller Stereotaxis, Inc (Biomedical Research Engineer, Pre-Clinical Studies Manager)
Gyngard, Frank 2009 Bernatowicz Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, Carnegie Institution of Washington (Post-Doc)
Mabry, Jennifer 2009 Hohenberg/Meshik Centre de Recherches Ptrographiques et Gochimiques (CRPG) in Nancy, France (Post-doc)
Shao, Jing 2009 Wessel Max Planck Institute of Neurobiology in Munich, Germany (Post-Doc)
Spence Bondi, Karyn 2009 Kelton
Wan, Mew-Bing 2009 Suen Asia-Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics, South Korea (Post-Doc)
Wessels, Victor 2009 Kelton Laboratory of Metal Physics and Technology, ETH Zurich (Post-Doc)
Zhang, Wei 2009 Kovacs Watson Wyatt Worldwide (Actuarial Analyst)

Braby, Matthew L. 2008 Alford North Carolina State University (Post-Doc)
Brooks, Frank 2008 Carlsson Washington University Medical School, Rad Onc - Clinical Divisions (Post-Doc) 2018 - COMPUTATIONAL BIOIMAGING LABORATORY Washington University in St. Louis, Dept. Biomedical Engineering: Statistical image analysis and in vivo lung imaging.
Favazza, Christopher P. 2008 Kalyanaraman Washington University, Biomedical Engineering Dept. (Post-doc)
Lee, Kuen 2008 Buckley Lecturer (Washington University, Physics)
Li, Yu 2008 Wessel Washington University Medical School
Myer, Joyce C. 2008 Ogilvie Swansea University (Post-doc/research fellow)
Pechenaya, Olga L. 2008 Sarantites Washington University School of Medicine
Rauch, Brian F. 2008 Israel HyperTech Systems, Irvine, CA
Senadheera, Lasitha 2008 Conradi Viewray, Inc (Scientist)
Shifflett, James A. 2008 Will Boeing Aircraft (Lead Engineer/Scientist)
Trice, Justin R. 2008 Kalyanaraman Raytheon, El Segundo, CA (Sr. Systems Engineer)
Wang, Yun 2008 Solin Guardian Life Insurance Company (Actuarial Assistant)
Zeng, Jing 2008 Will Beijing Normal University (Research Scientist Post Doc) Astronomy Dept
Zhu, Jie 2008 Carlsson University of California, Davis (Post-Doc)

Bailey, Jon 2007 Bernard Fermi National Lab, Chicago (Post-Doc)
Brandt, Sebastian 2007 Wessel Washington University (Post-Doc)
Chen, Junhua 2007 Bender Doppler Institute, Prague, Czech (Post-Doc)
Chung, Charles 2007 Kovacs Univeristy of Arizona, Tucson (Post-Doc)
Garson III, Alfred B. 2007 Krawczynski Washington University (Post-Doc)
Hamlin, James 2007 Schilling UCSD (Post-Doc)
Hughes, Scott B. 2007 Krawczynski Stereotaxis, Inc (Research Scientist)
Kim, Tae Ho 2007 Kelton University of Utah, Salt Lake (Post-Doc)
Marutyan, Karen R. 2007 Miller Washington University Medical School (Post-Doc)
Mitchell, Thomas 2007 Will ARETE Associates, Northridge, CA (Staff Scientist)
Schuster, David 2007 Conradi Webster Groves High School (teaching physics)
Shao, Yue 2007 Solin UCLA (Post-Doc)
Shen, Youtao 2007 Kelton University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, (Research Scientist)
Tao, Jian 2007 Suen Louisiana State University, Center for Computation and Technology (Post-Doc)
Wang, Han 2007 Will Theoretical Physics Institute, Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena Germany (Post-Doc)
Wieland, Kristopher Allen 2007 Solin University of Toledo (Post doc in solar cell technology)
Wolfmeyer, Randy 2007 Suen University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Post-Doctoral Research Associate)
Wu, Yue 2007 Kovacs
Yang, Le 2007 Carlsson Washington University (Post-Doc)
Yang, Min 2007 Miller Veritas, Research Associate (Professional)

Chang, Yulin 2006 Conradi Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia (Post-doc)
Dellen, Babette 2006 Wessel Bernstein Center of Computational Neuroscience, Gotten Gernamy (Post-doc)
Khanbabaie-Shoub, Shaban (Reza) 2006 Wessel University of Ottawa, Canada (Post-doc)
Li, Haochen 2006 Clark Norris Cotton Cancer Center, Dartmouth Medical School, (Bioinformatic Researcher)
Perkins, Jeremy 2006 Krawczynski Physicist Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Tucson, AZ
Rebillot, Paul 2006 Buckley Physicist Sterotaxis, Inc. Professional
Shen, Ji 2006 Gibbons University California, Berkeley (Post-doc)
Yuan, Lingfeng 2006 Clark MISI Company, Ltd. (SQL Server DBA)

Baldwin, Steven 2005 Miller Washington University School of Medicine (Post-doc)
Brady, Steven 2005 Conradi Boeing
Gutierrez, Kristopher 2005 Krawczynski SISSA (International School for Advanced Studies), Trieste, Italy (Post-doc)
Kosack, Karl 2005 Buckley Max Planck Institut fur Kernphysik, Heidelberg, Germany (Post-doc)
Mahani, Alireza 2005 Wessel McKenzie Company, Pittsburgh, PA (Consultant)
Mandilara, Aikaterini D. 2005 Clark Campus d Orsay, France (Post-doc)
Monville, Maura 2005 Clark Research Asst. Fermi National Lab (Linear Accelerator) Batavia-Chicago Govt.
Scott, Lauren 2005 Israel Rutgers University (Post-doc)
Tomita, Takahiro 2005 Schilling Researcher, Kobe University, Japan
Wang, Qinghai 2005 Bender U. of Connecticut - Physics (Post-doc)