Spin-Tensor Momentum Coupling In Ultra-Cold Atoms And Photonics

Dr. Chuanwei Zhang (host Seidel), Department of Physics, The University of Texas at Dallas
October 1, 2018 at 4:00 pm
241 Compton
Event Description 

Spin-orbit coupling, the interaction between spin and motional degrees of freedom of a particle, has played a crucial role in many physics subfields ranging from atomic fine structures to topological solid state materials. In this context, the recent experimental realization of spin-orbit coupling in ultracold atomic gases provides a powerful tool for exploring novel quantum matter because of the high controllability and disorder-free of ultracold atoms. Previous studies have mainly focused on spin-vectors, while high-order spin-tensors naturally exist in a high-spin (larger or equal to 1) system. In this talk, I will discuss the realization of spin-tensor-momentum coupling in ultracold atomic gases as well as the resulting exotic quantum matters. In particular, I will show the emergence of superfluid stripe phases with supersolid-like properties and topological triply-degenerate fermions, new quasiparticles that have no analog in quantum field theory. Finally, I will show th at topological triply-degenerate points could also be realized with photons in non-Hermitian hyperbolic metamaterials.

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