AGN Reverberation Mapping with the Australian Dark Energy Survey

Dr. Janie Hoormann (host Krawczynski), University of Queensland
May 1, 2018 at 12:00 pm
245 Compton
Event Description 

By measuring time delays in the emission from the inner regions of active galactic nuclei (AGN) it is possible to constrain the geometry of these regions which are too small to image directly. This technique, termed reverberation mapping, can then be used to measure the mass of the central supermassive black hole. The Australian Dark Energy Survey (OzDES) is regularly observing 771 AGN with redshifts out to z~4 as part of its reverberation mapping program. OzDES is expected to recover time lags for 40% of its AGN. This significantly increases the current state-of-the-art sample which includes around 110 lag measurements and consists of a much larger redshift range than previously measured. With this data OzDES will be able to measure how supermassive black holes have evolved over the past 12 billion years and test the theory that AGN can be used as standard candles in cosmology. The current status of the OzDES reverberation mapping program, which is beginning its sixth and final year of observations, will be presented.

Coffee: 11:50 am, 245 Compton