Attohertz to Gigahertz: A Cosmological Scenario with a Unique Spectrum of Gravitational Waves

Dr. Robert Caldwell (host Dev), Dartmouth College
April 25, 2018 at 4:00 pm
204 Crow
Event Description 

We present an inflationary model for the origin of the large-scale structure of the Universe in which the Big Bang expansion is driven by a scalar field coupled to a collection of vector fields. The early Universe is gravitationally birefringent under these conditions, producing a relic spectrum of gravitational waves that is blue-tilted and circularly polarized. A lower bound on the amplitude of this spectrum is obtained upon consideration of the matter-antimatter asymmetry of our Universe. We explore the unique features of this model which can be tested by cosmic microwave background and gravitational wave experiments.

Coffee: 3:30pm, 245 Compton