Fundamental Physics with Electroweak Probes of Nuclei

Dr. Saori Pastore (host Dickhoff), Los Alamos National Laboratory
February 15, 2018 at 11:00 am
241 Compton
Event Description 

To describe nuclear properties, I use many-body nuclear interactions and electroweak currents derived in chiral effective field theory, and Quantum Monte Carlo methods to solve for the nuclear structure and dynamics of the many-body problem for nuclei. This microscopic approach yields a coherent picture of the nucleus and its properties, and indicates that many-body effects in both nuclear interactions and electroweak currents are essential to accurately explain the data.

In this talk, I will review recent progress in microscopic calculations of electroweak properties of nuclei, with emphasis on recent studies that address the gA-problem and the impact of correlations and lepton-number violating potentials in neutrinoless double-beta decay matrix elements. I will present a novel framework to calculate electron- and neutrino-nucleus quasi-elastic cross sections relevant to neutrino-oscillation experiments, and discuss future developments of these studies within FRIB science and ongoing experimental efforts in neutrino physics and fundamental symmetries.

Coffee: 10:45 am, 241 Compton