Nuclear Theory In The 21St Century: Turning Models Into Methods

Prof. Ragnar Stroberg (host Dickhoff), Reed College, Portland OR
February 7, 2018 at 4:00 pm
204 Crow
Event Description 

As far as we know, atomic nuclei are completely described by the Standard Model of particle physics. Of course, a direct application of the Standard Model to nuclei is incredibly complex. Instead, nuclear theorists have historically used simplified models to understand data and make predictions, the most famous being the shell model of Mayer and Jensen and the rotational model of Bohr and Mottelson. While these models have seen impressive descriptive and predictive success, connection to the underlying physics is lost. This becomes a problem when we want to make predictions based on extensions to the Standard Model, or if we want to predict nuclear properties or reaction rates in extreme environments where nuclear models may be unreliable. In this talk, I will discuss the status of current efforts to bridge the gap between the standard model and nuclei in a rigorous and tractable way, focusing on using the ideas of effective field theories and the renormalization group to map the underlying problem onto well-established nuclear models, in particular the shell model.

Coffee: 3:30 pm, 245 Compton