Cold Molecules - A New Playground For Quantum And Chemical Physics

Professor Jun Ye (host Cowsik), NIST & University of Colorado in Boulder
October 25, 2017 at 4:00 pm
201 Crow
Event Description 

Molecular interactions control everything from making new materials to generation of energy. However, complex molecular structure has challenged accurate study and precise control of their interactions. A new scientific frontier is emerging in recent years by cooling molecules to low temperatures, aiming to achieve fundamental new insights on how molecules interact and evolve. When a quantum gas of molecule is produced, we can arrange molecules in particular spatial configurations and precisely manipulate their interactions via external electromagnetic fields. The long-range dipolar interaction between trapped molecules presents an interconnected spin system where correlated many-body dynamics can be explored.

Robert Walker Distinguished Lecture Series

Coffee: 3:30 pm, 241 Compton