Freshman Labs

The freshman labs complement the undergraduate Physics program courses 117/197 and 118/198. The freshman labs contain a total current repertoire of 30 individual experiments describing general physics principles covering a range of topics from mechanics and light and optics to electricity.

The "freshman labs" consists of three individual laboratories located in Crow Hall. Experiments are set up daily by special technicians whose jobs are specifically and exclusively dedicated to this task as well as investigating, designing, and constructing new experiments chosen by the faculty.

Each of the labs contain a bank of computers for analysis and computation of experimental data by the students. The computers are serviced and upgraded regularly to maintain efficiency and compatibility with current computer program standards.

The lab sessions are monitored by doctoral candidate graduate students who are present throughout the session to instruct and advise the students who work in teams at several work-stations. Typically the instructor briefs the students on the details of the experiment for the day's session and then breaks the group up into teams and attends to each group in turn as assistance is required. The instructor to student ratio varies per session but a ratio of 1 to 10 - 15 is common. The lab program is supervised by the faculty and a lab director. The Physics Department solicits evaluations from students regarding the quality of instruction and experimental equipment in an effort to maintain the highest possible instruction standards.

Lab Schedules

Section Time Day
Section A 12:00-3:00PM M
Section B 3:00-6:00PM M
Section C 6:00-9:00PM M
Section D 8:30-11:30AM T
Section E 11:30AM-2:30PM T
Section F 2:30-5:00PM T
Section G 6:00-9:00PM T
Section H 12:00-3:00PM W
Section I 3:00-6:00PM W
Section J 6:00-9:00PM W
Section K 8:30-11:30AM Th
Section L 11:30AM-2:30PM Th
Section M 2:30-5:30PM Th
Section N 6:00-9:00PM Th
Section O 11:00AM-2:00PM F
Section P 2:00-5:00PM F
Section X 7:00-9:30PM Th
Lab Make Up 1:00-3:30PM S