About the Department of Physics

Welcome to the Department of Physics of Washington University in St. Louis.

Physics is a vital field that is driven by the excitement of understanding and explaining the natural world around us. To achieve this goal physicists develop powerful quantitative problem-solving skills, using techniques that range across mathematics, computer programming, electronics, and engineering.

Our faculty are world leaders in their fields of research. We have active groups working in astrophysics and space sciences, condensed matter and materials physics, particle and nuclear physics, and applications of physics to biology and medicine.

Our graduate program offers incoming students generous support for their first two years, and a friendly community in which to pursue their research aspirations.

For undergraduates, our department provides outstanding teaching combined with many opportunities to become involved in the cutting-edge research that is going on in our research groups.

Here on our departmental web pages you can find much more information about our department, from admissions to course syllabuses and research activities. Please contact us if you want to know more.

Enjoy your time with us!

Mark Alford